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EduFly has been a pioneer in banking placements and banking training, banking job course since 2013 and has a blazred to trail of students and corporates. Addressing the gap between students and banking industry employability. In a high competitive market EduFly has experiencing an exceptional growth in the recruitment needs of banking sector.

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Hi Aspirant,

The most important and challenging selection stage of all bank recruitment is an interview. Aspirants who qualify for the written examinations will be invited to attend the interview.

It becomes a hope for candidates to clear it as they enter the interview process. The interview process is a huge challenge that cannot be solved without sufficient guidance and tips by all candidates. Clearing an interview requires an organized and systematic study of the most likely questions.

On the interview day, presentation is the main thing. There is an important role to play in candidates ‘ body language, dressing and introducing.

“The first impression is the last impression”. Well, interviews play an important part in how an interviewer perceives you as a candidate. What you say throughout the interview will make a great difference, good or bad, in your final results.

Tips are here:

  • Read about the company and its position. Check out their website, use business directories online. Monitor the names of top executives and the current news reports of all kind of useful information like company size, history, main goods and services.
  • Go through the current affairs for the last six months.
  • Join bank course for bank  jobs to clear idea about beat the exams.
  • Highlight the main strengths, which go hand in hand with the responsibility for the job role you apply for. Don’t just take a random force which most people around you have told you about because these strengths do not really matter to the interviewer if they do not relate to the job you’ve been asked for. Make sure you have a strong personal experience for every strength that you share, if the interviewer asks for further details.
  • We want to know what compels you to move to the banking sector instead of heading into some MNCs (multi-national corporations). You might actually find an engineer in the panel that might start asking technical questions. Therefore, to answer this particular question you need to be both honest and realistic at the same time. You need to add a bit of zing to your responses to make you different
  • Go through all the important terminologies of banking, particularly those which have been in the news for a while.
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